Friday, 17 November 2017

Nightly Sundowner Tournaments Guarantee up to $2500

The convenient time of day for Juicy Stakes' nightly Sundowner tournaments has a lot to do with their popularity -- but we're thinking the guaranteed prize pools are also a big draw!

On Thursdays and Fridays the prize pool is at least $1200. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday there’s guaranteed to be at least $1500 to be won.  Now there's a new Sunday Sundowner that guarantees at least $2500 in prize money.

Sundowner tournaments are held at 8:01 pm EST every Monday through Saturday.  The Sunday Sundowner is a little bit earlier, at 4:30 pm EST.  You'll have a starting stack of 3K. Re-entry available during the late registration period (2.5 hours). Blinds are 10 minutes.  The game is always no limit Hold’em and the registration fee is $50 + $5 for all tournaments.

You can buy in directly to the new Sunday tournament but you can also win your way to that table in satellites held the night before.

For further info:
Sundowner Poker Tournaments
New $2500 GTD Sunday Sundowner

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

$1000 GTD Thanksgiving Day Tournament

Our friends at Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes are giving us something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  They're hosting a $1000 GTD Thanksgiving Day poker tournament on November 23rd.  Qualifiers, with buy ins as low as a dollar, begin Friday, November 17th.

Choose the type of game you're best at. There will be 8 fast-paced Hyper Turbo qualifiers and, for those that prefer more starting chips and longer blinds, there are also 7 R&A games.

“We’ve all got a lot to be grateful for,” reminds Intertops’ poker manager.  “But one of our players is going to have a thousand more reasons to be thankful this weekend!”


Start times given for American and Australian time zones.

Hyper Turbo (Buy-in: $2+$0.20)
1 ticket to Final to be awarded
600 starting chips, 3min blinds, late reg. 30min
Nov 17th at 6pm EST (Nov 18th, 10am AET / 00:00am CET)
Nov 18th at 2pm EST (Nov 19th, 6am AET / Nov 18th at 8pm CET)
Nov 19th at 10am EST (Nov 20th, 2am AET / Nov 19th at 4pm CET)
Nov 20th at 10am EST (Nov 21st, 2am AET / Nov 20th at 4pm CET)
Nov 20th at 10pm EST (Nov 21st, 2pm AET / 4am CET)
Nov 21st at 6pm EST (Nov 22nd, 10am AET / 00:00am CET)
Nov 22nd at 2pm EST (Nov 23rd, 6am AET / Nov 22nd at 8pm CET)
Nov 23rd at 10am EST (Nov 24th, 2am AET / Nov 23rd at 4pm CET)

R&A (Buy-in: $3+$0.30)
1 ticket to Final to be awarded
2500 starting chips, 10min blinds, late reg. 90min
Nov 18th at 10am EST  (Nov 19th,  2am AET / Nov 18th,  4pm CET)
Nov 18th at 10pm EST  (Nov 19th,  2pm AET / 4am CET)
Nov 19th at 10pm EST  (Nov 20th,  2pm AET / 4am CET)
Nov 20th at 6pm EST  (Nov 21st,  10am AET / Nov 21st,  00:00am CET)
Nov 21st at 2pm EST  (Nov 22nd,  6am AET / Nov 21st,  8pm CET)
Nov 22nd at 10am EST  (Nov 23rd,  2am AET / Nov 22nd,  4pm CET)
Nov 22nd at 10pm EST  (Nov 23rd,  2pm AET / 4am CET)

Last Chance Wild West (Buy-in: $1+$0.10)
1 ticket to final to be awarded
500 starting chips, 5min blinds, late reg. 45min
Nov 23rd, 2pm EST  (Nov 24th,  6am AET / Nov 23rd,  8pm CET)

FINAL (Buy-in: $10+$1)
$1000 GTD
10K starting chips, 15min blinds, late reg. 120min
Nov 23rd, 5:30pm EST  (Nov 24th, 9:30am AET / Nov 23rd, 11:30pm CET)

Register under the Tournaments tab in the poker software.