Saturday, 29 July 2017

European Poker Championship, Day 3

Final day in Velden:

Day 3 in Velden - shuffle up


Bubble play in Velden

Chipcounts leading up to day 3 of Poker EM Velden. 

Some players prefer to remain anonymous, hence only their first names or nicknames. 37 players through to day 3, 27 will get a minimum of €6,500 and the first prize is €142,000.
Ben 1.081.000
Killian Löffler 811.000
Said Nadjem 542.000 
Steffen Sontheimer 521.000
Der Papa 500.500
Rinat Bogdanov 488.000
PiuPiuPiu 472.000
Stefan Huber 460.000
Jaroslaw Sikora 457.000
Daniel Studer 426.000
Tibor Benkoe 417.000
C. Stallinger 382.000
Simon Boss 342.000
Steve O’Dwyer 335.000
Wilfried Härig 324.000
Bruno Stefanelli 319.000
Ondrej Pulec 276.000
Jan Petzholdt 270.000
Matthias Habernig 256.000
Benoinat 245.000
Markus 240.000
Joe 216.000
Mario Pichler 211.000
Josip Simunic 205.000
Dominik Nitsche 201.000
Michael Engel 181.000
Manig Loeser 175.000
Daniel Vogel 166.000
Atsharia 157.000
A. Rettenbacher 154.000
C. Milbradt 145.000
Istvan Törö 145.000
Angelo Falletta 144.000
T. Taubenschuss 123.000
Onkel Otto 120.000
Gustavo 108.000
Robby Westrom 94.000

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