Sunday, 20 March 2016

I Feel Like I'm Winning at the Most Important Thing: Life!

So I'm sitting on a plane right now to RI and can't stop smiling. Even the cold weather waiting for me can't keep me down! Thinking about the whats happened the last couple months and what the future holds.

Playing major poker events, Final tables, quitting my job, and winning trips to Austria and St Maarten!? Never would I thought I could be so fortunate to be were I am right now! The future holds nothing but positives! Win or lose at poker, right now I feel like I'm winning at the most important thing; life! Living the dream! 

Following my passion and enjoying life to the fullest, while making a living from it? That sounded crazy a few months ago, but with a lot of hard work and a little luck (ok maybe a lot of luck!;)) here I am! Just back from an unreal experience playing in Austria with Intertops and now on my way from  TX to Foxwoods in CT for the Poker Classic series! 500k guarantees! Soon after I'm off to Choctaw in Oklahoma for their huge spring series followed by the unbelievable trip to St Maarten with Intertops for the TKPT!! 

I'd understand if you hated me right now! But I'm here to show you, if I can do it, anyone can do it! I'm just a regular guy like most recreational players online and live. I'm no young math wiz and I'm not a hardcore grinder or gambler that's been waiting his whole life to become Pro. Im just following my passion, working hard at it, playing ALOT and trying to take a shot at the dream!

So here it is, my journey through all of the ups and downs of trying to make it as a professional poker player. Im going to share it, the good and bad. All the little details of the poker lifestyle. I'll do my best to crush it, but either way, i know I'll  definitely learn from it! Hopefully we can all learn together. We all know it's an insanely difficult thing to do, but I have high hopes! All i can do is give it my best and let the chips fall where they may! Win or lose, i think this will be an enlightening experience into the poker world, which we can all learn from.

I hope it will be as entertaining a ride for you as I'm sure it will be for me!

Follow me here for all poker related blogs and videos. I will be posting a more personal story more related to Fitness goals with poker @ I'm sure the two will overlap quite a bit, but I'm not nearly as entertaining to watch as Larry Colcy!;) You can find me on

Facebook @
Twitter @ TimO311 and @2fit2fold

I would love to hear feedback from people, even if it's to critic my plays! Haha we should all be always learning. Like I said, I'm no different from any other player!;) Hopefully just a little bit better than the people at my tables!

Hope you enjoy!


"Always be happy, yet never satisfied"

-Bruce Lee


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