Saturday, 27 February 2016

Three Strikes and We're Out

There ain’t no joy in Seefeld tonight, the mighty Living the Dream team has struck out. Sadly, all three of the players from Intertops and Juicy Stakes bust during Day 1. Daniel Montagnolli, who was playing pretty aggressively for the early hours of Day 1 was the first to go. He bust at the first level. Chris Perkins was playing pretty tight but was prepared to get aggressive if and when the situation was right. At level 5, just before the dinner break, he went all in when he later realized he should have folded. And he was out. That left Tim O'Keefe as the only member of our team still at the table after the dinner break. Then, 11 hours after they first sat down, he was out too. Watch today’s video for all the gory details.

Video: Living the Dream: CAPT Seefeld, Episode 3

All three Intertops and Juicy Stakes players at CAPT Seefeld are out after Day 1.

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