Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Main Event - EPIC Comeback

Hey guys,

so Ive played day 1A of the 500€ Main Event and as usual I started out very good ;-)

I had one of the softest tables ever, and was able to play nearly every hand, because there wasnt one guy on the table which was playing back at me.
I build up a very good stack and everything went smooth, till 20 left.

I got it in with QQ vs AK for over 200 K stack and 100K avg, but unfortunatelly he hit his K. He left us with 1 ante only (500 chips with blinds 2k/4K) and then the sickest comeback ever started.

I won the first hand, which left us 1 BB. I folded 27o then ^^ and next hand I doubled.
Then I had a huge streak and won 6 showdowns in a row, which got us back to 120 K chips with 100 K avg. So I was able to grind normal again.

With 19 left I got it in with FD in a blindbattle against flopped straight again for over 200 K (which was TOP2 pot at this moment), but we dont hit and i bust.

Overall Im dissapointed because we only cashed once, and the field was VERY soft.

But you cant do much against bad luck.

My next stop will be CAPT Seefeld in February.

This will be a much bigger series, and hopefully we run deep there.

Thanks again to INTERTOPS Poker for being my partner for these tournaments, and hopefully cu soon.

Cheers, Monti

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