Thursday, 7 January 2016

DAY 1 + 2 with a small cash

Hey guys,

Ive played 2 tournaments so far, and had a semi-deeprun in the 215€ Warmup.

My first table was super soft, i was able to play nearly every hand.
In the first hour i folded only 3 hands preflop <3
I build up a good stack really fast, and it was kinda easy game.

With 15 left I was 2nd in chips, and then the "run" was over.

I got it in with monsterdraw against 2 people for 2,5 x CL pot and the board bricks.
Then i get it in with TT < QQ, KJ < AQ (SB vs BB) and bust on 13. place with A8 < 44

I cashed a little, but still was very dissapointed, because I could have won a lot more with the luck on my site ;-)

Yesterday I played the 150€ NL HE tournament and had an OK stack with 35 players left.
Then a buddy of mine came to our table, and I lost nearly all my chips to him.
He was also the guy which busted me with AT > QJ, so unfortunatelly no cash this time.

Today Im going to play the 864 € KO tournament.
Its kinda strange structure, because you dont get the 400€ KO instant - the KOs will be payed for every 3rd person which gets knocked out, and noone knows if there is a KO on the player or not.

Im looking forward to make a final table in this series, lets hope for the best.

If i play some tricky hand Im going to post it here, stay tuned.

Cheers, Monti

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