Thursday, 15 October 2015

Recreational poker player played smart to win his way to Punta Cana

Phil Cardella, 29, won the last CPT Punta Cana online satellite tournament series to be held this fall and picked up the last of the $4100 prize packages.  He’ll join the four other players at the Hard Rock Punta Cana November 4th – 9th.

“There were only 8 players at the final table, but it was challenging as always,” Phil said after his online tournament win.  “I think when we were 5 handed me and one other person had at least half of the chips in play between the two of us and I figured we'd go heads up, which we did.”

Phil, a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) Designer by trade, said he felt he had played smart throughout the poker tournament.

“I can't really recall any one play in particular that I would say was smart. I do remember the last hand though!  I had A-10 diamonds and I believe they had KK. I flopped a flush draw and caught it on the river. Wouldn't really say that was smart, it just went my way this time.”

He does recall one play during the poker tournament that he could have regretted.

“We were heads up and I had a 3:1 chip lead and went in with 33 pre-flop. I lost to two overs and then we were even in chips at that point. Wasn't long after that that I won though.  It all worked out in the end!”

When asked if he had any advice for online tournament players, he said “Learn how to lose because it happens quite frequently.”

“I’m hoping for some great weather in Punta Cana, and a good time,” he said from his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “And some extra cash to take home would be nice!”


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