Monday, 27 July 2015

Finnish Poker Player Wins Place at Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event, Barcelona in Online Satellite Tournament

Finnish poker player Mika Paasonen.
Estrellas Poker Tour online satellite tournaments came to an exciting conclusion recently when Mika P. aka “VibeKing” won the Final and a $3100 (€2750) prize package sending him to the Estrellas Main Event in Barcelona next month.

With total Live Tournament Earnings, The Hendon Mob ranks Paasonen 9th on its Finland All Time Money List. He was the first Finnish poker player on Team

Mika, 38, had some serious competition at the online satellite tournament Final July 19th

“I had some tough players in my table and they had position to me so I just tried to be patient and pick my spots carefully.”

The Finnish poker pro realized early on that he could win the Final.

“Very soon my starting stack tripled up. After that I thought these can go deep.”

“One key hand was when there were four players left. I had chip lead with 82K. Then there were stacks of 12K, 39K and a tough opponent with 23k which was 20 big blinds.  Against that 23k stack I get in hand where I get unopened to sb KdTd and this tough player was in bb. Knowing that he is high 3bettor and with a reshove stack I’m not able to steal here a lot so I open and thinking of calling when he shoves. Thinking this through now actually make me to like more to open shove this 20bbs and avoid flipping but in reality I raise 2,2bb and call his shove. He had Q8s and I won a pot. After that I was kind of confident I could take this down.”

The winner had this advice for online tournament players before he sets off to the big live tournament in Barcelona in August: “Avoid playing multiplayer (1000+ player tourneys) because of high variance and prefer 30-500 player tourneys to score in the money often. Good for your game when you don’t get frustrated by a bad run and even better for your bankroll.”

Mika is hooping for a good run in Barcelona.  “I have good memories from Barcelona when I was 4th in the EPT event a couple of years ago. I haven’t played the Estrellas event before but I assume field might be little bit easier because of smaller buy-in. If I bust early there should be good cash games. Some friends are coming to play Estrellas/EPT Barcelona as well so I booked a couple of extra days just to play some EPT side events also.”


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