Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Really, with a tournament that short, it's kind of a crap shoot who will win.

On May 9th Stephen L won a CPT Punta Cana online satellite Final and a trip to the Caribbean, including buy-in for the CPT Punta Cana Main Event in November. Stephen explains how he thought he might win the tournament the second time he got incredibly lucky:

"My play in the tournament was fairly standard. I made the correct folds a couple times in spots I didn't need to risk 50% of my stack; that kept my fuel in the tank to keep riding on. You have to run well to win tournaments, and I got lucky twice as I was behind on going to the flop. I believe I was all in early with AQ vs KK and I caught two queens. I only had 2 pocket pairs the entire tournament and my biggest pp was 7's!"

"I was borderline shoving all in with the AQ early. But I knew I needed chips to win, and I was willing to re-buy if needed. It's possible I could have folded there, but it worked out in the end."

I realized I might just win the tournament the second time I went in behind and came out ahead. AJ vs AQ and I won! :) The final hand I had a flush draw on the flop in position and just checked it. I sometimes like to bet it, but if I would have he would have put me all in. Glad I checked it because I got there on the turn and won the tournament! :)"

"There was some good competition. Good players- most of the players were all +ROI players, so they knew how to play. Really with a tournament that short, it's kind of a crap shoot who will win."

"I think to win an online tournament, understanding player types and then classifying the players at the table into these gives you a good initial blueprint for strategy. And be patient. I am not a believer that you need to shove 10x with every weak Ace."

"Cards online are the same as the cards live so playing online has definitely helped me a lot when it comes to my live poker game. I have seen so many hands with all of my online play that I am well equipped with how to handle most situations."

"I want to keep getting better. Someday I hope to win a larger field tourney. Best I've ever done is 4th out of 3,500. But still that large field size victory eludes me."

Stephen L.

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