Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Being Eliminated Early at WPT Venice Left Plenty of Time to Enjoy Italy

Well, a recent satellite tournament champion was great online but didn't fare so well at the big live tournament he won a trip to. Lukas was eliminated in level 10 on Day One at the WPT Venice.

Awww, too bad Lukas :( But as you can see from the pics he sent back, he enjoyed the rest of the weekend in Venice with his girlfriend!

"The tournament was played 10 levels on the first day," Lukas said after he returned to Germany.  "At the end of level 10, I was busted.
I was card-dead the whole day. I played 5(!!!) hands in 7 hours and saw 3 showdowns."

"The best hand of the day was JJ and the flop was KKQ 😉. The button called my open-raise and I check called 2 times, the button checked behind on the river and I won."

"My last hand was 99, I pushed 13 BB in a 3 BB openraise (blinds 600/1200 Ante 100) he called with AJ. And the first card on the flop was the ace 😉. No help and the tournament was over."

"It was time to enjoy Venice with my girlfriend. Even the weather was beautiful!

Winners of another online satellite tournament final earlier this month will be competing in the $500K CPT Punta Cana Main Event in  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic November 3rd to 8th.

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