Saturday, 1 November 2014

Making it Through Day 1 at the Caribbean Poker Tour

My name is Brian and I'm down here in St. Maarten for the CPT.  We're on dinner break for the main event. I must've eaten something that didn't agree with me so I was feeling pretty ill. I decided to skip level one of the tournament to lay down since the structure is pretty good (20k stack and 45 minute blinds).

I played a decent amount of hands during level 2 but ended up around 19k. I lost my only showdown KT<Q8 on a T84A8 board.  I checked back the turn after the add and let him get there, oops.

My strategy is to make it through day 1. I'm trying to play pots in position so I can build them up when I have hands that can win a showdown. I don't see the need in getting out of control stealing pots when the blinds are small.

The resort is nice and the people here are awesome. It's quiet and relaxing during the day and at night there's loud music and people dancing everywhere. They had a fire dancer last night on break from the dinner and all of the dealers, in full Halloween zombie costumes, were following her around while thriller played. It was pretty awesome.

I'll post more after day one but if you want to follow my poker tournament out other adventures in real time check my Twitter @WhatIsKulpDoing.



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