Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Back to reality...

Back to reality... 1+ week later, freezing in the snow... brrrr...

I thought i could post a little summary of my vacation... oh memories.

One of the many bay of Sint-Maarten
On the poker side, even if i only played 1 day in the tournament, i really enjoyed the tournament.  It was fun and help me gather some more experience with live poker since i mostly play online.  I'm an emotional player and even if i try my best to focus and not show any emotions that could help other players, i'm pretty sure some might be able to "read me" sometimes.

All-in all, i think i played a decent tournament and i should be thankful of being able to play in such a great event.

St-Martin was a very nice island, the beaches were awesome with crystal clear water.

Definitely no snow in there....
The resort was very nice, my girlfriend and i have really enjoyed our vacation.  The resort is the only "all-inclusive" of the island, the pool was also very nice with a swim-up bar where i discovered many new drink mix.

The resort beach

Sadly on our way back, our flight in St-Martin was delayed and we got stuck in Atlanta missing our connecting flight, so we had to sleep one night in an hotel nearby until we got another flight the next morning, but it was all covered by the flight company, so it was no big deal, everything still went smooth.

So here i am, back home...

Once again, i would like to thanks Intertops for sponsoring, for all the goodies (poker gears, champagne and stuff) and most of all, for giving us the chance to take part in such events.

I really enjoyed my vacation and i will try again next time... see you at the table!  :)

Simon  (Sim1979)

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